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Ekgraphics provides a wide range of creative solutions for the Music & Nightclub industry.

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Golden Girl

Ekgraphics has an artwork featured in issue 88 of Advanced Photoshop magazine which is out now - Oct issue :)

The artwork is called Golden Girl and is a personal project.
In this artwork I decided to use gold tones and geometric shapes, with a futuristic feel. It was completely created in photoshop. I love to use blending modes and play with the light of the piece. I started with the stock image, then added a gold colour gradient overlay. Next I added the shapes, light trails and sparkles. Finally I took some shapes and sparkles away to make it more clean looking. My original idea was to use this as a background for a flyer.

It is always an honour to be included in such a great design magazine.

Hello World!!

Hello my name is Emily Kemper, I am a freelance Graphic Designer, based in Oxfordshire UK.I started my design business ekgraphics.co.uk in 2008.

Here on my website/blog you can keep up to date with all things ekgraphics. I offer a wide range of design services: I mainly work within the music industry with an emphasis on nightclub flyer / poster / dj & club logos and album artwork design.

The following list shows some others services I offer Advertising, Banners, Branding, Brochures, CD Artwork Direct Mail, Flyers,Graphic Design,Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads,Compliment Slips, Posters, Menus, Invitations. Christmas Cards.